Tröster Maschinenbau GmbH focuses on the design and production of bearings for ventilators. Our strongest selling product area is in the field of pad thrust bearings. Designed using the building-block concept, they allow for special constructions for the most diverse ventilators, in addition to standard dimensions.

Tröster Maschinenbau GmbH emerged from the field of bearing construction, which was based at the company of Pintsch Bamag in Butzbach during the middle of the last century, and at the renowned agricultural machine manufacturer, A.J. Tröster GmbH & Co KG, from 1971 to 1991.

The company achieved its independence through a management buy-out in 1991, and has been based in the central Hessian town of Langgöns-Oberkleen since 1999. The offices and production areas span an area of 1,500 m². The company currently employs 16 people.

Our goal is to further stabilise the domestic market and to open new markets in the area of export.